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These bellstrings are often hung near an open window or door so that they will move when there is a breeze. They then spread a lovely, soft sound.

According to Feng Shui, bells bring more energy into your living space and also give peace.

The bell cords with glass beads processed in them are beautiful Suncatchers. Hang it near a sunny window so that the glass beads can catch the light and reflect it back into your room.

The bellstrings on which a heart or a lucky elephant is tied are very suitable as a symbolic gift.



Bell string clawbell mini (15mm)

€ 5,95 * p/pc.

Bell string clawbell med. (17mm)

€ 7,95 * p/pc.

Bell string clawbells large (22mm)

€ 9,95 * p/pc.

Bell string clawbell beads medium (17mm)

€ 8,50 * p/pc.

fortune bell string elephant

€ 8,50 * p/pc.

bell string Beach

€ 8,95 * p/pc.

bell string iron bells heart

€ 8,95 * p/pc.

Bell string iron bells

€ 10,25 * p/pc.

bell string ghungroo (16mm)

€ 14,50 * p/pc.

bell string iron bells large

€ 11,95 * p/pc.

five bells string

€ 15,95 * p/pc.

bunch off bells

€ 14,50 * p/pc.

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