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Koshi chimes


The sounds of Koshi chimes are inspired by the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each element has its own mood and specific sound colour.
Turn the wind chime gently while holding the cord. Let yourself be surprised by the combination of pure, clear tones that arise.
Inside or outside?
When the weather is nice, it is fun to hang the wind chimes outside, for example during a picnic or a yoga class in nature.
But hanging them outside for a long time is not recommended, as they cannot withstand a lot of rain. Hanging them inside is better for their life span.
If you do want to use the wind chimes outside more often, you can place them in an open window or door, under an overhanging roof or on the veranda. Let the wind play with them, a light breeze will make unexpected melodies sound.



Koshi Terra

€ 42,00 * p/pc.

Koshi Aqua

€ 42,00 * p/pc.

Koshi Aria

€ 42,00 * p/pc.

Koshi Ignis

€ 42,00 * p/pc.

Three windchimes

€42,00 € 40,00 * p/ pcs.
-11 %
Koshi windchimes set (all 4)

Koshi windchimes set (all 4)

€168,00 € 150,00 * p/set
-11 %
Four windchimes

Four windchimes

€168,00 € 150,00 * p/four pcs.
-11 %
With discount from 5 pcs.

With discount from 5 pcs.

€42,00 € 37,20 * p/pc. with purchase of 5

Koshi met doosje
Discount from three windchimes.

The price of 1 windchime is 42.
2 windchimes 84.=
3 windchimes 120.= (from 3 pcs. free delivery Belgium + Germany)
4 windchimes 150.=
5 windchimes 186.=

From 6 pieces: € 37.= per windchimes

The Koshi's are individually packed in a box.

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