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Singing bowls


SINGING BOWLS WITH CHARACTERMany singing bowls available from stock

The singing bowls are directly available from our own stock because we import them ourselves.
If you are looking for something that is not on the webshop, please contact us and we will check our stock to see if it is available.

Our singing bowls are forged in the traditional way from an alloy of bell bronze. How this process works can be seen in our film made by Symo in the singing bowl villages in Bengal where our singing bowls are forged.

Every singing bowl is unique, just a little bit different. Not only because of the hammer blows that can be seen on the bowl, but also the sound is unique, it is after all handwork.
These bowls have several tone layers which continue to sound for a long time with different swings.
Because these bowls have a full sound and deep vibration, they are also appreciated by many therapists.

The singing bowls in this webshop are specially selected, we have looked for bowls where the root tone and the overtones sound together in harmony.

When you buy a singing bowl, a free beater is included. This beater is also suitable for making the bowl sing.



Singing bowl 10 - 11 cm including beater

€ 21,00 * p/pc.

Singing Bowl ±12 cm including beater

€ 31,00 * p/pc.

Singing bowl ±14 cm including beater

€ 39,00 * p/pc.

Singing Bowl ±15 cm including beater

€ 45,00 * p/pc.

Singing bowl 16 -17 cm including beater

€ 59,00 * p/pc.

Singing Bowl ±18 cm including beater

€ 62,00 * p/pc.

Singing bowl 24 cm including beater

€ 117,00 * p/pc.

Singing bowl 25 cm including beater

€ 120,00 * p/pc.

Singing Bowl 25.5 cm including beater

€ 132,00 * p/pc.

Singing Bowl engraved 17.5 cm including beater

€ 83,00 * p/pc.

Zen singing bowl flat base

€ 11,50 * p/pc.

Japanese singing bowl 10 cm

€ 53,00 * p/pc.

Japanese singing bowl 12 cm

€ 61,00 * p/pc.

Japanese singing bowl 15 cm

€ 95,00 * p/pc.

Japanese singing bowl 18 cm

€ 116,00 * p/pc.

Japanese singing bowl 21 cm

€ 195,00 * p/pc.

Japanese singing bowl 24 cm

€ 272,00 * p/pc.



Symo made these recordings in villages where the singing bowls are made by hand.


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