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Singing bowl accessories


Accessories for the singing bowls

It is always the combination of the singing bowl, the beater and the base that makes the sound.
The beater we supply with the singing bowl is ideal for making it sing. It can also be used to strike the bowl, but not too hard because then the sound will be fierce and cold. To get a soft, warm sound from a singing bowl, we recommend the professional singing bowl beaters of KlopperZ.
The felt beaters have a good price/quality ratio.
Which size of beater do you use for which bowl? The rule is: the more weight the bowl has, the heavier the beater must be. If you have any questions about the beaters, such as which one is suitable for your singing bowl, feel free to call us for information.

A singing bowl can be put on your hand when you strike it. That is fine. But what happens when you put a singing bowl on a wooden table? A low, restless tone will develop because the table will resonate with it. It is therefore important to place the singing bowl on a cushion or ring.


Singing bowl pad Ø10 cm brocade

€ 3,95 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad Ø12.5 cm brocade

€ 5,25 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad Ø15 cm brocade

€ 6,50 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad Ø20cm brocade

€ 9,50 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad Ø25 cm brocade extra thick

€ 12,00 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad Ø30 cm brocade extra thick

€ 14,50 * p/pc.

Singing bowl ring Ø10 cm brocade

€ 4,95 * p/pc.

Singing bowl ring Ø12.5 cm brocade

€ 5,95 * p/pc.

Singing bowl ring Ø15 cm brocade

€ 8,50 * p/pc.

Singing bowl ring Ø0 cm brocade

€ 9,95 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad mandala -srivasta

€ 8,50 * p/pc.

Singing bowl pad mandala double dorjé

€ 8,50 * p/pc.